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Masil 8 Second Hair Mask

Literately botox for your hair!!!


Your hair frames your face! Every girl knows the importance of having nice hair, MASIL 8 Seconds Hair Mask is here to help!


  • Self-heating effect for better absoption

  • Pink Masil Hair Mask: 8 Seconds of magic (SILKY SMOOTH)
    • Smooth and silky hair in just 8 seconds
    • Untangles knotted hair
    • Strengthens hair and scalp
    • Relieves hair-loss symptoms
    • Liquid form to replace your everyday "conditioner" 
    • Can be used on scalp to penetrate nutrients into scalp
    • Best for dry, frizzy and damaged hair

  • Blue Masil Hair Mask: 8 seconds of magic (BOUNCY VOLUME) (New)
    • Creates volume and texture for thinning hair in 8 seconds
    • Strengthens hair and scalp
    • Reduces oily scalp symptoms
    • Anti-static
    • Softens hair while letting hair feel light and airy
    • Best for flat, greasy and thinning hair


  1. Squeeze suitable amount onto palms
  2. Apply product on damp hair
  3. Massage into hair and leave for 8 seconds
  4. Rinse hair thoroughly